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Travertine coffee table - Eleganza Duo

Let the Eleganza Duo travertine coffee table enrich your interior with its unique charm and versatility. This masterful design consists of two tables, each with a beautiful round table top. The larger table with a diameter of 80 cm and the smaller table with a diameter of 60 cm provide a playful contrast. With different heights of 45 cm and 35 cm, the tables can be placed seamlessly next to each other, giving you flexibility in the design. Resting on one massive column, the tables radiate stability and elegance. Whether used as coffee tables or side tables, the Eleganza Duo offers versatility and style for any space.

The table is made of high-quality travertine marble, which is naturally porous and has color differences. Thanks to this color and texture variation, each coffee table is personalized and unique, giving you an exclusive piece in your interior.


80 × 80 × 45 cm

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