From customizable live edge tables to exotic stone bathtubs, our artisans and small batch manufacturers create furnishings and art with unmatched craftsmanship. Tables, bathtubs, to hand-carved doors, Cultheir has access to a wide range of materials and international talent to produce exceptional, custom furniture and timeless designs. These services are available to trade professionals and customers alike.


Cultheir's approach to design encompasses natural foundations, earth elements, and an array of textures. Our team meticulously helps you with every detail from the foundation up, ensuring a space that effortlessly embodies beauty and functionality. Interior Design services bill at $200 / hour. Clients will have access to value engineering, production, and artisan furniture. When you participate in our interior design services, you will receive $100 off every $500 you spend on Cultheir sourced or produced products.


Styling is for those that don't require end-to-end interior design services, but would still like an interior expert's guidance, purchasing assistance, and a visual-centric plan for an area of their home or a project. Leverage Cultheir's in-house designers to style the perfect room. Styling services are $100/hour with a minimum of 3 hours. When you participate in our styling program, you will receive $100 off every $750 you spend on Cultheir products.


Cultheir's purchasing power lies in its unique, coveted supply chain. Defined by a Wabi-sabi aesthetic, all of Cultheir's suppliers and sources are specific to organic materials and neutral, earth aesthetics, and sourced worldwide. Our purchasing and procurement services allow us to provide cost savings and inventory buying benefits for hotels, retail and other hospitality assets that value this design genre.

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