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Vintage Baule Chair

This vintage Baulé chair is from the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Built from hand carved indigenous hardwood, the chair features four low legs and an arched back for support. It has developed a beautiful patina, showcasing the wood’s texture and pattern.

Baulé chairs were used in everyday domestic tasks, as well as for eating and gatherings. They were often memorials for past ancestors, and offerings would be placed on the seat of the chair when not in use.

  • 58 cm W x 63 cm H
  • 42 cm W (seat) x 30 cm H (seat)
  • Regularly wipe with a dry, soft cloth for dust removal. Avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Protect from prolonged sunlight and moisture to prevent fading, warping, or swelling.
  • Periodically apply high-quality furniture oil to maintain hydration and luster.

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